Just one score for the time being, but watch this space!

My parents were always recording programs of the radio. One of these was called "Verknipt", a kind of collage of sound bits. Mono, mostly 9,5 but sometimes also at 4,75 cm/s.

One day the theme was Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2 , featuring this incredibly camp song about Frau Birnbaum. In case your German isn't too strong, the singer has a very bad evenig: First she hopes to make all the other "cats" green with envy over her new dress, but finds out that all the ladies are wearing the same dress. Just before exploding, food is served, which turns out to be awful. The host (Herr Birnbaum) spills sauce over her dress and manages to get mashed potato in her cleavage, and to top it all, the hostess, Frau Birnbaum is invited to sing Lieder!

I have searched the internet for this item, but only found a few cult CD's with modern recordings. I hope therefore I'm not violating anybody's intellectual property by posting here an mp3 of the version on my parents tape. If anybody knows who the "singer" is, please let me know!

I used to play this Rhapsodie in the "easy" setting by F. Bendel. which is still in print (I might be able to play the original setting if I spent years just practising this piece, but I'ld rather spend my time on more deserving and less demanding composers). I have used parts of this "light" version to recreate a score, with lyrics as kindly provided by a German friend. This score is only rough, dynamic, pedal and other markings are far from complete, but I recommend you get a copy of Bendel's (or the original if you are or know a very skilled pianist) and use this as a base for performance.

Birnbaum score (pdf)