A small selection of my 78 rpm record collection. I'm not a serious collector, flea markets are my hunting ground, and I don't know what I'm looking for till I find it. I find joy in those obscure items like the Jack Payne novelty songs, that apparantly have not been released on CD, as well as anything "camp".

The Ray Ventura song is the b-side of the famous "Tout Va Très Bien Madame La Marquise".

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Ray Ventura et ses Collégiens -

Aldo Visconti -

Waring's Pennsylvanians -

Dina Lanvi -

George Olsen and his music -

Rudi Hirigoyen -

Jack Payne, Lesley Sarony, Tommy Hanley -

Jack Payne, Lesley Sarony, Tommy Hanley -

The Blue Mountaineers -

Savoy Havana Band -

Enzo Amadori -

Jacques Hélian et son orchestre -

Je crois bien que c'est l'amour

Sulla carrozzella

In a little garden

Ay Fernando

Because my baby don't mean "maybe" now

La Belle de Cadix

Get up nice and earl in the morning

Mucking about the garden

Let's put out the lights and go to sleep


Il vaporetto della mattina

Au Chili