A mix of 35mm an dmedium fomat. 1988 Rappallo, Italian Riviera, Nikon. Another picture of the no-more Roatterdam railway bridge, The no-more Calvé factory in Delft I used to bike past on my way to wotk, pictures from Paris and some pictures taken with a Linhof 6x9 Technika.

1988_136_e donne copy 1988_136_headless 1988_137_crepusculo 1988_137_rapallo1
1988_136_le donne 1988_136_headless 1988_137_crepusculo 1988_137_rapallo1
1988_willemsbrug 1990_Hollyhock 1990_calve 1990_starlings
1988_willemsbrug 1990_Hollyhock 1990_calve 1990_starlings
1991_150_luxembourg 1 1991_150_paraplus paris 1991_151_eiffel1 1991_151_eiffel2
1991_150_luxembourg 1991_150_paraplus paris 1991_151_eiffel1 1991_151_eiffel2
1992_FROST 1992_linhof 1992_loire castel 1992_solomon seal
1992_FROST 1992_linhof cow 1992_loire castle 1992_solomon seal
1992_waterfall auvergne