Another twintowers picture. By this time I had got myself a Nikon FE, great camera. The scene in Rotterdam is also a thing of the past, the railway bridge just showing behind the foundation works has been replaced with a tunnel. The 3 cows were taken with a 20mmm Nikor lens, the 1985 pictures all in Portugal, with a Rolleicord V borrowed from my father. My first major medium format experience. The rest is Nikon, I think. The "ballustrade" I used for a gum-dichromate, which I "sold" to Richard Farber, who honoured me by using it in his book on "Historic Photographic Processes: A Guide to Creating Handmade Photographic Images".

1983twintowers 1984_65_rotterdam 1985_100_three_cows 1985_98_antwerpen
1983 twintowers 1984_65_rotterdam 1985_100_three_cows 1985_98_antwerpen
1985_amarantes 1985_dog1 1985_dog2 1985_estremoz
1985_amarantes 1985_dog1 1985_dog2g 1985_estremoz
1985_luisa 1985_porto 1985_porto2 1986_106_koe
1985_luisa 1985_porto 1985_porto2 1986_106_koe
1986_112_bologna 1986_112_vespa 1986_115_ballustrade copy 1986_116_pompei
1986_112_bologna 1986_112_vespa 1986_115_ballustrade 1986_116_pompei