All phographs taken with Leica Cl with its standard 40 and 90 mm lenses. Note "scheveningen", no flare although sun is in the image! Several twin towers images included, out of my love and solidarity for the greatest city in the world. The "steiger" (Dutch for landing) I used to print more harsh at the time, almost white sky. Such was the fashion. "Unexplained event": a sort of palmtree on the border between exposed and non-exposed part of the filmsteip. Static discharge? The cotswolds image was very underdeveloped, because the film was lost until friends where we were staying redecorated several years later and found the film behind a wardrobe. All the pictures on these pages are from scans of the negatives/ slidesdone on my Canoscan 9550F, some with maybe too much unsharp masking.

1978_04_steiger 1978_05_blaricum 1978_11-scheveningen 1978_24-waterlooplein2
steiger blaricum scheveningen waterlooplein
1978_24_waterlooplein1 1979_unexplained_event 1980_36cow 1980new_york
waterlooplein1 unexplained_event cow new_york
1980twintowers 1981_40_jersey 1981_47_isleofwight 1981_47_isleofwight1
twintowers jersey isle of wight isle of wight1