Thank you for visiting this site. As you will have guessed, this site is mainly about photograpy, and music. The galleries have been updated, more pictures, ordered by date (sometimes estimated) instead of by subject, and larger. I thought that this would be justifiable in view of the current prices of 20" LCD displays. Let me know if you think I should provide a lower resolution version.

If you would like to contact me, please use the above E-mail address, it's not a link, you have to copy the address yourself, for reasons of spam prevention (one can try...).

Above is a self portrait made with the first camera I ever handled, A 1930s Leica, picture taken about 1987, in "retro style". This really should be updated.....

To the right is my father, Kees Sonius (1926 - 1996). Picture was taken by my mother in the early fifties with a Rolleicord, I believe. He is holding a Zeiss Ikonta. I recently got hold of some of his photo works, for which I intend add some galleries. Like in many other things, he remains an important reference in my life.

He started my photography hobby when he gave me a LEICA CL set for my 21st birthday. He was a CONTAX man himself, apparently Zeiss had a lot better, or at least consistent, lenses than Leitz used to do, and the cameras also were more sophisticated (bajonet, larger base rangefinder etc.). There are some excellent sources for the Leica / Contax debate on the web so I won't go into that here. I now have inherited his cameras, to which I added some lenses, both KIEV imitations and the real thing. Hopefully I'll find the time and energy to use them and take some pictures that do justice to the beauty of the product soon. Up to now, the contax IIA has been most convenient for taking some infra red pics.